What is DITO

DITO(DITO System)The anti-counterfeit traceability Multi Chain ecosystem is the first global block chain technology based on the block chain technology in the world, which is launched by the Japanese DITO Corporation, which has a cross chain traceability and anti-counterfeiting system under the multi chain framework of multi industry and multi chain. It is committed to creating transparent, cooperative and efficient information and high speed transmission using the block chain trustworthy network framework. Multi chain traceability information ecological environment. The project team comes from many industrial elites in the world. After a long period of efforts, the development of the basic application model is nearly completed.

What can DITO do

Innovative cross chain technology

The DITO system realizes the side chain technology that is better than the function of Ethernet and LISK, and completes the work of anti-counterfeiting traceability block chain, so as to achieve cross industry traceability information interconnection.

A unique anti counterfeiting and traceability general module

According to the different types of anti-counterfeiting, they correspond to different types of anti-counterfeiting traceability generic modules, and quickly build the anti-counterfeiting traceability sub chains needed by enterprises.

Chain collaborative technology on Chain 

The problem of trust and energy consumption in Distributed Accounting is comprehensively balanced by partitioning technology and chain on chain collaboration technology.

DITO Technical characteristics

Why choose DITO

DITO scene application

In April 2018, the actual model of the first DITO supply chain anti-counterfeiting system in Asia is realized, and it is the first to be applied in the world's luxury, tobacco industry, wine industry, pharmaceutical industry and other anti-counterfeiting needs that are not effectively solved for a long time.

Luxury goods

Traceability of the brand can be found

DITO traceability and anti-counterfeiting support enterprises to create brand image

tobacco industry

Dynamic traceability system for authenticity and authentication

DITO Anti counterfeiting and anti channeling of two dimensional code encryption

Food industry

The reassurance of the safe eating of the whole information of the whole commodity

DITO traceability, anti-counterfeiting and reassuring diet So Easy


Quality assurance of product traceability
DITO traceability anti-counterfeiting guarantee your taste life


Real-time control of commodity information by multi-function intelligent tracking
DITO to identify your beauty

More industry applications

Other industries continue to increase



Tsuyuki Yoshimichi

Graduated from University of Utah, Vice president of the SUMEET group, managing commercial development of different industries, Vice president of the SIDEFXPRODUCTION Participated in the METI project and served as the market strategist and new business marketing director for safe and intelligent city project.


Charles Li
Founder & President

Graduated from the best student of the Department of political economics, Waseda University, Waseda University, Japan, Japan online free travel platform, founder DITO co founder of Japan Tobacco Co., Ltd. participated in the 2020 Olympic Games program.


Maruyama Junichiro

A double degree in Information Science and behavioral psychology, Department of advanced science and technology, Waseda University. I worked in Japan NTT Data Corporation (Japan Telecom Group Technology Research independent company).

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