Technical team

Tsuyuki Yoshimichi CEO Graduated from University of Utah, Vice president of the SUMEET group, managing commercial development of different industries, private equity and joint venture. Market Consultant for Shaoxing municipal government. Founder of the OSTAR science and technology company. The Board of Directors of Shenzhen Qianhai (Medical) investment management company. Vice president of the SIDEFXPRODUCTION (Music and Entertainment Company). Participated in the METI project and served as the market strategist and new business marketing director for safe and intelligent city project.

Charles Founder and President Co-founder of the DITO Company. The founder and executive director of Blockchain Innovation Consortium (Blockchain application innovation Association (Japan)). Global strategic venture capital Asia Pacific region responsible person of Japan Tobacco Group. The former strategic advisor for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (Japan). The youngest visiting scholar of University of Washington (U.S.).

June Vice President of Technology Microsoft Dynamic expert advisor, CIO of Hongkong Starlight Group. 20-year experience in software and ecommerce industry. Expert in innovative development, research and integration of IT systems, e-cormmerce, and internet based business models. Led the construction of internet+ platforms, B2B2C e-commerce system, channel and CRM management system, supply chain and financial system, and also the anti-counterfeiting traceability system.

Summer Chief Growth Officer Graduated from the UK. Ten years of experience in luxury business and overseas market development. Has rich experience and resources in oversea business cooperation. Familiar with Chinese consumer market and brand / user marketing means.

kejia Chief Marketing Officer Investor of the UK WJne startup. Has a long term collaboration relationship with China-UK blockchain Research Associations, has a network of global partner. Involved in a number projects of world top 500 enterprises. Specialises in finance, market and strategy. Multi-cultural with a clear understanding of cultural conflicts and adept at mitigating the in cross-border cooperation. Has strong business acumen and excellent communication skills. Holds a bachelor and master degree in economics and management from University of London.

Shawn Vice President of the Asia-Pacific Region Graduated from Korea Mokwon University, engaged in business and planning of China-Korea games, anime and Internet for over 15 years. Michael China Chief Operator Officer Graduated from University of Manchester (UK). Engaged in financial operation for many years and devotes himself in market promotion, program planning and media delivery. With rich experience in internet operation planning, some of the projects involved in have become the classic cases of the industry.

Long PLAN MANAGER The graduate and the Japanese emperor Tezukayama University, engaged in mobile Internet business for many years, devoted to the mobile Internet social industry, have completed the accumulation of social app from 0-170 million users, and have unique insights and methods for user psychology, user behavior, user guidance, and user operation

advisory committee & Early supporters

Awata Shota Master’s degree from Ritsumeikan University, Japan. The founder of the Genkicell gas chain. Expert in corporate-level customer management, networking marketing, data storage management and hospital system analysis. Entered the Chinese market in 2013 following the establishment of Lianda Group. Worked with Lotte Company (Japan) in international medical business since 2017, and established the JCDA (Association for preventive medical research of Japan Aged Society) with Lotte Company (Japan) together.

Kintsu Masayuki Graduated from Kinki University, majored in Medical engineering. President of Healthone group. The technical and medical advisor of Yahoo Group (Japan). Won 1st prize of the 9th Tokyo Youth Innovation Competition. Serial entrepreneur with experience in IT and medical science.

REO KASAI Former young player of FC Barcelona, the youngest partner of IncubateFund, which is the largest venture capital in Japan. Devotes himself to incubators, venture capital, fund-raising and capital management.

KIM MINKOO Graduated from the Department of busines, Waseda University, former real estate securitisation senior analyst of Mizuho Securities Group. Former senior analyst of Investment Department of Softbank group. Partner of the TheLoop blockchain Company (Korea). Icon international business leading officer.

Mitsutaka Hamada Graduated from the Pepperdine University. Partner of the Opt Ventures Company, one of the largest venture capital investment in Japan. Mainly committed to the strategic consultation for overseas companies in and out of Japan, resource docking and financing.

Qian Hantao CTO of ASCH Chain. Devotes himself to the study of block chain bottom technology, he has deep understanding and unique insights into cross chain technology.

Cooperation Agency

Opt Ventures is the largest venture capital company in Japan. The company provide strategic consulting services for overseas companies and start-ups. Its affiliated company CmdLAB is committed to the application of crypto currency and block chain technology.

IncubateFund It's the largest Vc firms in Japan. It is also the largest incubator in Japan. Its investment project is extremely extensive, and has invested more than 150 enterprises. At present, the company has capital of 800 billion yen. BTC BOX is the first three virtual currency trading platform in Japan. It has a virtual currency trading license issued by the financial department. The platform was first licensed by the finance department.

Blockchain Innovation Consortium(BIC)is an international association for the development of blockchain applications, its headquarter is in Japan. Association members not just include blockchain related enterprises, but also IT, big data and AI companies from both Japan and overseas. Well-known manufacturing, financial and insurance institutions are also members of the association. Japanese government and universities are also supporters, the purpose of the association is application of the blockchain technology and integration of the production, learning and research.

The Cryptocurrency Foundation was founded in Panama, the foundation is focused on supporting start-up research and development companies of blockchain bottom technology. The foundation also invests in high quality digital asset projects. The Centre Cryptocurrency Exchange .Inc is affiliated to the foundation.

The core of GENKICELL is to realise value for data related to big health. GCL uses blockchain as the bottom technology, covering healthy data of various sources. Personalised healthy life files are established by data marking technique and thus all the health data value get realised. It can accumulate family unit health data and link to all the participants in the big health industry. Within the authorised framework, the company can provide high efficiency data transfer service for all parties. Thus the programmable health consumption ecosystem can be realised this way, and guide the system to share value in the chain.

WOOROM Company is based in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan. It is a famous computer Science and FINTECH consulting company in Japan. The company can provide professional solution for consumers in multiple aspects including human resource, communication, media and car sales, etc.

Morita legal Office (Japan) is a well-known law firm in Japan, it has focused on the service field, corporation legal affairs and consulting service for over 10 years. Morita legal Office provides legal consultations and services for DITO (Japan).

NTT DOCOMO is the most important flagship enterprise in Japan Telecom and the largest telecom operator in Japan. After 90 years of privatization, it went public and launched large-scale mergers and acquisitions in Europe and the United States. NTT DOCOMO has 46% of the market share in Japan and has made great achievements in telecom related innovation research. In the past 18 years, the company has been actively involved in 5G application import project, and DITO has become a partner of NTT DOCOMO's 5G project in 2018.

IDCG's IDCM exchange has monetary support from eight well-known international family capital funds, and strategic guidance from Soros Fund (Soros Quantum Fund) and Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs). The core founding team of IDCG is from the investment banking department of deutsche bank, UBS, Australian securities exchange (ASX) and accenture block chain project team. The blockchain research and development team members are based in multiple locations around the world, including silicon valley, India, Hong Kong, Macao, etc.